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Welcome to Your Aetna Dentist in Lake in the Hills

At Compassionate Dental Care, we’re proud to say we accept Aetna dental insurance. Aetna has been helping people afford their healthcare since 1853, if you can believe it, and we’re delighted to be part of that tradition. When you’re with Aetna, you’re part of one of the biggest managed healthcare companies in the world, including 14.3 million dental members alone. With Compassionate Dental Care’s Dr. Tim Stirneman and Aetna, you can trust that your smile will always be well taken care of.

What is an Aetna Dentist?

If you have Aetna dental insurance, whether with an individual/family plan or through your employer, you now have access to a complete array of free and discounted services at Compassionate Dental Care. The main goal of Aetna dental insurance is to help people fit dental care easily into their budget so they can take care of their teeth without having to worry about their finances.

When we say Compassionate Dental Care is your Aetna dentist, it means we are “in-network”with Aetna. This is a term you’ve probably seen plenty of times if you’ve read through your insurance plan. It simply means that Compassionate Dental Care and Aetna have negotiated to have Aetna pay for part of our services used by people with Aetna plans. For a full explanation about what it means to be in-network, be sure to read our page about it here.

The Benefits of Seeing an Aetna Dentist in Lake in the Hills

Aetna dental insurance’s main focus is on covering preventive services like dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays. Why? Because it’s much simpler to prevent a dental issue than to treat it. Most patients agree with this sentiment as well because it saves them time, money, and discomfort in the dentist’s chair. This is why Aetna dental insurance covers preventive care 100%. Yes, you read that right! After you have paid your deductible (which will depend on your particular plan), you’ll be completely covered for standard check-ups, cleanings, and x-rays. These are some of the most basic and effective tools in dentistry, and they are two of the best ways to keep you and your family’s smile healthy year after year. Dr. Stirneman recommends that everyone should have at least two hygiene check-ups a year, and with Aetna dental insurance, that’s easier than ever.

Of course, there are even more benefits that extend well beyond this. Basic care and major services like fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, and dentures are covered as well. With Aetna, you get significant discounts on these restorative services, up to 50-80%. The range of treatments covered by this plan will meet almost any dental need you’ll ever have, and you’ll never have to worry about affordability.

We also make it very easy for you to use your dental insurance. Many people don’t exactly know how to do this, but with Aetna, it’s simpler than ever. Just let us know that you have an Aetna plan at your next appointment (be sure to bring your ID card), and you’ll instantly be able to use your benefits. In fact, you won’t even need to fill out any paperwork because we’ll instantly file your claims for you.

Another way you can use Aetna is with their Dental Discount Program. With this, you just need to sign up to get a card. After you have received it, simply use it at Compassionate Dental Care to instantly get 15-50% off of most services.

What If I Don’t Have Aetna Dental Insurance?

If you currently are not covered by Aetna Dental, you have a few things you can do:

No matter how you choose to get a plan, you’ll have access to the same array of deeply discounted services. In fact, by just getting your two standard check-ups a year, most plans pay for themselves!

Want To Know More?

We hope this answered most of your questions about seeing an Aetna dentist in Lake in the Hills. Dr. Stirneman and the team at Compassionate Dental Care are honored to work with such a historic institution and help people receive quality oral healthcare.

If you have any questions about coverage for particular procedures or want to know more about using your Aetna dental insurance, be sure to give us a call. We’ll be happy to go over the specifics of your policy so you know exactly what to expect when you come to see us.

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