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Baby Tooth Stem Cell Research

It Might Be the Key to Your Child’s Future Health

When you become a parent, you are someone who constantly thinks about the future. You may invest in a retirement fund or have health insurance to assure you own future, but the one that you think about the most is your child’s. Truthfully, everything you do comes back to making sure they will be taken care of as time goes on. This is why you send them to the best schools you can, or make sure they hang out with the right people. Probably one of your biggest concerns is their health. You can now take steps to potentially assure their health in the future by having stem cells harvested from their baby teeth. 

Why Do This? 

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials used to create all the different types of tissues in our bodies, whether they be nerves, bones, or organs. Stems cells have been shown to potentially treat and cure a myriad of diseases, such as leukemia, type I diabetes, as well as cardiovascular and nerve diseases. Once stem cells are introduced into the body, they are able to repair or replace the damaged tissue around them. The youth of the stem cells from baby teeth ensure that they are capable of becoming any type of tissue the body may need.  An effective treatment that is already available involves injecting stem cells into bone marrow in order to treat various blood diseases. While treatments for other diseases are not currently available, they are being researched around the clock. Stem cells from baby teeth are much easier to harvest than other methods and are easily cultured. This means they can be endlessly replicated to help your child or close family member should they be stricken with a serious disease. Medical technology advances more quickly every year, and stem cells have the potential to help millions of people around the world. Preserving your child’s stem cells now could be the key to their health in the future. 

How Does This Work?

More than a decade ago, it was discovered that baby teeth have live stem cells within their dental pulp (the most inner part of the tooth). Modern technology now makes it possible to harvest these cells from baby teeth. Before this, the only source of stem cells were embryos or blood from umbilical cords. Both of these methods have proven to be very controversial and more difficult than harvesting stem cells from baby teeth. In order for the cells to be viable after a tooth is lost, the dental pulp must have an adequate blood supply within 48 hours of being frozen. This means waiting for a tooth to become loose and fall out naturally will not work. It is best to plan ahead and have a tooth extracted before it is even loose. Dr. Stirneman can extract the tooth and immediately put it into a special temperature controlled package so he can overnight it to a lab. This lab will then extract the dental pulp with the stem cells and freeze them until you might need them in the future.

Want To Know More? 

If you still have questions about the process or possible benefits of harvesting and preserving your child’s baby teeth stem cells, please give Dr. Stirneman a call today. One small procedure today could lead to your peace of mind for years to come.

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