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Invisalign Clear Braces

At Compassionate Dental Care, we’ve seen a notable increase in the number of adult patients who are interested in orthodontic care. However, these adults almost always want to forego traditional bracket and wire orthodontic methods. Luckily, the Invisalign clear braces system is more affordable and effective than ever before. We can use Invisalign to correct almost any concerns with tooth position and bite alignment, leaving Lake in the Hills dental patients with flawless smiles they’ve only dreamed of. All this without the hassle or less-than-subtle appearance of metal brackets and wires. Schedule an Invisalign consultation to learn more about how you can get a perfectly aligned smile and skip the mouth full of metal.


How Invisalign Works

Traditional braces work by attaching brackets to the front surfaces of teeth. Then, wires connect the brackets, and they are adjusted to create pressure that moves teeth into alignment. Invisalign works in much the same way, but uses a less noticeable alignment system - a series of clear, plastic trays. Each of these alignment trays is crafted to represent the position of a patient’s smile one step closer to the desired result. When patients wear their aligners as directed, teeth shift into this new position. Then, the set of alignment trays is exchanged for the next set in the series. This process is repeated until patients achieve their desired results.


Benefits of Invisalign

While all dental services have their advantages and disadvantages, patients who choose to complete orthodontic transformations using the Invisalign clear braces system experience the following benefits:


Who Should Consider Invisalign Orthodontics?

Like all dental procedures, Invisalign isn’t right for everyone. However, advances in the treatment methods and materials mean that more patients than ever before are finding it possible to straighten their smile using Invisalign clear braces. We can treat most alignment and spacing issues with Invisalign, and this includes treatment for over, under, and crossbite. Some of the patients who might consider starting an Invisalign orthodontics plan include:


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