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We’re the Home of Your MetLife Dentist in Lake in the Hills

If you have dental insurance with MetLife, you are in good company. MetLife is one of the oldest insurance companies in the U.S, and currently serves over 90 million people worldwide. This includes 90 of the largest Fortune 500 companies all the way to individual families. This gives people access to over 370,000 participating dentists across the country, including your local dentist in Lake in the Hills, Dr. Tim Stirneman at Compassionate Dental Care. We’re proud to be in-network with MetLife so we can make getting essential dental care easier for our community.

What Does It Mean To Be a MetLife Dentist? How Does It Work?

If you have MetLife dental insurance in Lake in the Hills, whether you have an individual plan or get it through your employer, you now have access to a wide array of free and deeply discounted dental services to help make taking care of you and your family’s teeth much easier.

When we say we are in-network” with MetLife, it means Compassionate Dental Care has negotiated a contract with MetLife to cover the cost of their patient’s dental care. This includes providing completely free preventive care such as check-ups and cleanings, as well as significant discounts on restorative care (ranging from 50-70%). This means that you won’t have to worry when you walk into the dentist’s office about whether or not you will be able to afford it. With free preventive care, most serious dental problems can be stopped before they even start. If you do end up needing involved treatments, Compassionate Dental Care and MetLife will be there to shoulder most of the cost. Simply bring in your card that indicates you have a plan with MetLife, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Benefits of Seeing a MetLife Dentist in Lake in the Hills

In addition to making dental care much more affordable, we also work to make your entire experience a positive one. Because we already have a relationship with your insurance company, this drastically cuts down on the paperwork, as in there is no paper work. When you go to a MetLife dentist like Dr. Stirneman, your claims will be filed electronically for you. It goes directly from the practice to MetLife, and you won’t even have to pick up a pen. This means your claims go through faster and you can enjoy your benefits more quickly. We help take the stress out of your dental visits because you’re taken care of even before you walk in the door.

What If I Don’t Have MetLife Dental Insurance?

If you currently do not have dental insurance, be sure to contact your employer and ask if MetLife dental insurance is part of their health benefits. If that isn’t the case, you can also purchase MetLife TakeAlong Dental, which offers you the same access to discounts and participating dentists for a very affordable premium. Often, by just getting your two free check-ups and cleanings each year, your plan practically pays for itself, and that is especially true if the coverage is for your entire family.

Local Employers with MetLife Dental Insurance

MetLife works with many businesses to help them take care of their most important asset: their employees. Among those businesses are the largest employers in Lake in the Hills. If you work for these companies and participate in their health plan, you have MetLife:

Want To Know More?

Hopefully this answered many of your questions about seeing a MetLife dentist in Lake in the Hills. Dr. Stirneman and the team at Compassionate Dental Care are happy to be able to help more people get the care that they need through MetLife.

If you have any other questions about dental insurance, please read our page about it right here. If you would still like to know more, particularly about MetLife dental insurance, we can give you all the answers you need.

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