Orthodontics Lake in the Hills, IL

Straighten your teeth with orthodontics.

We know getting orthodontic treatment is a big decision. And it’s important to have a dentist who’s opinion and knowledge you can trust. To get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted, there’s no better choice than Compassionate Dental Care. We’re proud to provide orthodontics for children, teenagers, and adults. During your treatment here, know that our caring and professional team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care using the most modern techniques and technology, and we sincerely look forward to seeing all your newly created smiles!

Choosing the right orthodontic service.

Of course, choosing what exact treatment is right for you can be difficult, but through a consultation at Compassionate Dental Care, we can help you decide by evaluating your individual needs for appearance/style, strength, comfort, and/or treatment time. So please feel free to look at the orthodontic treatment options offered at Compassionate Dental Care, and contact us for more information.

  • Straighten your teeth using custom-made clear aligners with Invisalign®
    • Discover precisely what Invisalign treatment can do by viewing a list of treatable cases.
    • See amazing Invisalign results and smile transformations by viewing our before & after.
    • Many factors can impact treatment price; discover what goes into Invisalign’s cost.
    • Find answers to common questions about clear aligners by viewing our Invisalign FAQs.
  • Now, teenagers and young adults can get clear aligner treatment with Invisalign® Teen.
  • Following orthodontic treatment, keep your smile in alignment with retainers.
  • Using traditional brackets and wires, straighten teeth with braces.

“of adults who have straightened their teeth cite that having straight teeth was important to their confidence.”