Compassionate Dental Care offers many restorative dental options that can make your smile healthier, brighter, and cleaner than ever. We can customize each treatment we use for you so your unique smile receives the best-suited treatment. One of our restorative treatments is an option known as dental implants.

If you have a missing tooth, few restorative dental treatments are as effective and long-lasting as dental implants. This treatment is ideal for patients with one or multiple missing teeth. Gaps in your smile can make you feel self-conscious. Let us help restore your smile with dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an excellent way for dentists to replace missing teeth—all the way down to the tooth root. The implants have advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few decades and can last for more than 25 years!

The dental implant consists of a small surgical component placed below the surface of the gums in your jaw. The small post acts like the tooth’s root and then anchors a dental prosthetic in place above it. The prosthetic can be any type of replacement, from a dental bridge to a single dental crown.

Dental implants can replace one or multiple missing teeth, depending on the gap locations throughout the mouth.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants help to keep your teeth where they should be, restore your entire smile, and promote critical bone density for your other teeth. A tooth implant is designed to function like a regular tooth, keeping your jawbone and facial structure strong and healthy!

When you’re missing one or more teeth, your existing teeth might shift around in your mouth. This may cause misalignment and often causes your teeth to experience more strain, wear, and tear from chewing or communicating.

Some of our best dental implants can fix that! The implants replace the missing tooth or teeth and keep all your teeth exactly where they should be. Outside of keeping your teeth in place, the dental implant process places a new tooth where an old one exists and promotes a healthier smile.

Implants make your smile healthier because the root of a tooth promotes bone growth and density in the jaw and skull. When that tooth and its root are removed or lost for whatever reason, the bone in the surrounding area has nothing to hold onto and begins to degrade.

Tooth Implant Procedure

Dental surgery requires a certain amount of preparation and recovery time. The steps for dental implant placement include the following:

  • Consultation: Come see Dr. Stirneman or Dr. Patel at Compassionate Dental Care for a FREE implant consultation. He’ll be able to determine if a single-tooth implant replacement is right for you.
  • Preparation: Depending on your situation, you may or may not need bone preparation. If you do need a bone graft, we’ll take care of that first.
  • Placement: The actual implant is then placed.
  • Growth and Healing: A certain amount of time is needed after the implant procedure to allow the bone surrounding it to heal and integrate with the implant. This is the longest part of the process.
  • Prosthetic Placement: Once your dental implant has been given sufficient time to heal and is ready to handle the next step, your dental prosthetic device will be attached to the top of the implant.

Once all these steps are completed, you’ll have a new tooth or new teeth that blend in with your natural smile.

One-Day Dental Implants

Certain dental implant placement procedures can all be done in one day, including one-day dental implants. The success rate of this procedure is high and works well for patients that don’t have the time for a series of appointments.

Multiple appointments may be needed beforehand to map out your treatment plan precisely. Then an implant and prosthetic can be placed in one appointment.

Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant costs vary depending on the area you’re getting your implant placed and what your dentist charges. We understand that the cost may seem high, but when you consider the exceptionally high success rate and the investment in your smile, the price becomes more understandable as an investment.

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