Gingival Graft

Gingival Graft Lake in the Hills, IL

Also known as a soft tissue graft.

One of the unfortunate side effects of periodontal disease is the loss of gum tissue. When teeth and gums are healthy, a thick layer of keratinized (hardened) gum tissue surrounds each tooth. Gums should not bleed or feel sensitive when brushing flossing, or when experiencing minor “pokes and prodding.” However, when gum disease does occur, this tissue may recede, pulling back from teeth in a way that exposes teeth root, leaving them more prone to decay. Other factors may contribute to gum recession as well, such as advanced age, improper oral hygiene, and smoking or use of other tobacco products. For those patients who have experienced a significant loss of gum tissue, we may recommend a gingival graft. (Also known as a soft tissue graft.)

What does it involve?

With a gingival graft, we take a small portion of tissue to cover the exposed tooth and treat gum recession. The tissue comes from the soft pallet of your own mouth or occasionally sourced from a doner. Building up the gums in this way can help prevent future gum recession and provide a better foundation for tooth restorations.

If you experience symptoms of gum recession that includes exposed roots and/or sensitive teeth, then please call us at (847) 854-7645. We can provide a periodontal assessment to determine what treatment is right for you and if you might be a candidate for a gingival graft.

Benefits of a gingival graft include:

  • Reverse the effects of gum recession, protecting the tooth.
  • Decrease tooth sensitivity, particularly when roots are exposed.
  • Increase stability for dental restorations.
  • Restores a healthy, aesthetic appearance to you smile.